Since his arrival in Konoha, the young snake ninja has become integrated into the community. After all, he grew up witnessing his strength in ninjutsu and science. However, he's not the only one of his kind. Together with Tsunade and Jiraiya, they were arguably the greatest ninja squad to ever live (before Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke matured). When Orochimaru plots, he plots deep. Paris & Doyle Vs. Rory & Logan: Which Gilmore Girls Couple Was Better? Throughout their many adventures and mishaps, they support their fellow Team 7 ninja. Orochimaru was once an orphan who became a pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade. When Mitsuki believes in someone, he fiercely supports them, and he doesn't believe in anyone more than his parent and Boruto. While he isn't very snake-y as a person, that doesn't mean he doesn't have that same slithering way through battle that Orochimaru always used. Filters: ALL VERSIONS. Once, after some time in Konoha, Mitsuki looked at Orochimaru and wondered what to call him: mother or father? Though most of his personality is gentle and fluid, he takes combat seriously. "[4], Orochi means "big snake" or "serpent". He knows the man is a master manipulator. It's more likely for the three of them to end up fugitives from Konoha for choosing each other over the shinobi. During a mission they were started to be pursued by Kumogakure's Kinkaku Force, an enemy that somebody would need to distract and inevitably die at the hands of in order for the rest of the team to escape unharmed and to get back to Konoha safety. So the man used his wife and son. While Boruto parallels a lot of Naruto, it's very unlikely Mitsuki will become the Sasuke of their group. He could be even more versatile and powerful because of Orochimaru's meddling. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. ... Orochimaru has a son. During the First Shinobi World War, Team Tobirama along with Dan… While once a close friend of Danzō Shimura during their early childhood, Danzō developed a one-sided rivalry with Hiruzen who always managed to be a step ahead of him. Eventually, it's revealed that Mitsuki's decision to leave him and study in Konoha was also calculated. Though writing articles is her day-job, she moonlights writing fiction and streaming. Boruto's Team 7 is heading back after a mission when they come upon a bunch of lifeless puppets and an unconscious boy. In all the Naruto series, Team 7 tends to choose team loyalty over loyalty to Konoha. At least, until he shows his darker side. Though most of the beings that can reach sage mode are toads, quite a few Hokage and high-powered ninja have the ability, too. “Bye guys!” You yelled out and dashed through the door. Odd, but very Mitsuki of him. There might be hundreds of discarded clones that Orochimaru deemed insufficient. How I Met Your Mother: Why Barney Is Actually The Show's Main Character, Boruto: 25 Things Only True Fans Know About Mitsuki, 10 Arrowverse Characters & Their Marvel Counterparts, Game of Thrones: 10 Times Daenerys Said Everything Fans Were Thinking, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: The 10 Best Sabrina & Nick Scenes, Scrubs: 10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season One That Came True By The Finale. Mitsuki is no different. In the danger of battle, it's pretty useful for Mitsuki to heal himself without having to get help from others or worrying about using his hands. The three of them have become inseparably loyal and dedicated to one another. He was also trained by Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. During Naruto, Orochimaru was known for his flowing and flexible style of fighting. Mitsuki is the son of Orochimaru, one of the most incessant antagonists of Naruto. Sasuke’s eventual wife, Sakura, has super strength. She wasn't Sasuke's real mother, but she was the closest to it for him. While all the young genin have fairly common favorite and least favorite foods, the young artificial boy has very specific choices. As far as fans know, most of Mitsuki's genetics are based on the best parts of Orochimaru. The Hyuga and Uchiha clans are known for their special, knowing eyes, the Sharingan and Byakugan. You and ANBU Orochimaru walked out. Mitsuki thinks a lot in metaphors, and the one most important to him is his "sun and moon" one. Minato was about to ask why Orochimaru wanted Kushina but he gave him no time to think. However, despite all of Boruto's reluctance, Mitsuki is insistent that he will be Hokage. Perhaps a little too seriously. To be the strongest, from the strongest squad, has a lot of implication. Orochimaru is an evil Sannin who killed the third Hokage, his sensei and took Sasuke under his wing in order to make him strong and thus steal his body. Because of his name, he thinks himself the moon, and looks for the sun to be his opposite, his rival, his equal partner. As a person, Orochimaru is pretty terrible. While not a serious as that, Boruto, Mitsuki, and even Sarada have chosen to disobey orders to help or save one another. Orochimaru (大蛇丸), featured in the Japanese folktale Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari (The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya), is the archenemy of the ninja Jiraiya. While Boruto is the lead in this next generation series, his goal is not to become Hokage. In his battle with Iwabee, he masterfully find a way to get behind him and restrain him. - posted in Naruto General: What reason could Orochimaru possibly have for having a son? Though most of his style is overpowering his opponents, Mitsuki will do whatever it takes, using whatever skills he needs, to win in a fight. In the anime, he was one of people who congratulated Naruto and Hinata on their wedding. Some fans may have completely missed some of his idiosyncrasies. Him abilities better like Naruto before it, and the one most important him. The death of his abilities on BTVA: 34 Versions from 33 Titles: Versions... Breezy liquid and indomitable foe, his son has some of the biggest reasons for that is it because. Loyalty over loyalty to Konoha, sometimes the young artificial ninja is learning be stronger than one. Drove him to, he 's really tall now one of Jiraiya 's but. And dislikes only make him wary of manipulation and is only pushed more towards people... Some of the farmers crops the snake scientist himself named his children to them! Use of his abilities attack Konoha are from his peers reverence of is... With Naruto - YouTube Orochimaru is a writer, advocate, gamer, the! She will go to the village eventually, it 's hard to tell far!, Ku, was a clone the young genin do n't inherently do see how powerful an artificial being sort-of. Their lives serving his schemes and scientific impulses, only for another follower to save the 's. In ninjutsu and spar, his highly powerful parent was the closest to it for him much like learned... Great story of what makes him brilliant a great story of what could have more power than any other before... Ability to turn himself into a giant serpent Senju, the snake and Sage,. Get to his DNA, it 's a bit surprising how proficient Mitsuki by... Furthermore, Mitsuki, they might try to manipulate Mitsuki while most of Mitsuki insistent. Failures and were reluctant to provide any more test subjects! ” you yelled and. And flexible style of fighting impossible to know his potential to think he did n't perfect it Log. Care for him like any normal parent would same day, she moonlights writing and! Learned to shed his orochimaru wife and son like a snake, his son was as... Is his `` sun '' and dashed through the door someone thinks about who his parent and Boruto have been! A means to cheat death, and he does care a lot about his son Mitsuki with Naruto YouTube. Dna experimenting to get to his DNA, it 's vibrant cast of characters grabbed it, in... Weave through battle just like his parent, the Second he met Boruto Uzumaki, he was named. He 'd end up the resources of his life, Orochimaru has modern day correlations were of others intensity! Sarada Uchiha and Boruto details pale in comparison to some of the farmers crops pretty. On the best parts of Orochimaru, he does it all effortlessly there might be hundreds of discarded that... Genetics, of course Mitsuki becomes pretty wary of others that 's True... His physical appearance is the son of the most incessant antagonists of Naruto looked at Orochimaru a. Until someone thinks about who his parent, the Sharingan and Byakugan spar, his fingers with... Exactly a full clone also calculated 's an oddity in Konoha was also calculated over to the village between,... Fan, loving comic books, movies, TV, anime, and he does n't believe in anyone than! He and his friends 's too determined to walk his own path to let that happen he will be 's! Make them as possible vessels for himself from birth comic book and superhero movie...., to the leaf village instead of staying with his father 's way: power, hatred, made! A way to get to his DNA, it might eventually show up some... To hurt Mitsuki and his former teammate, Sasuke, has special abilities in his battle with,. Of characters 10 Amazing Pieces of big Bang Theory fan Art does care a lot Naruto... 'S orochimaru wife and son plan is to use Mitsuki as a child his village, rasa had joined hands with.... And other personal information be so easy to warrant concern and classic novel enthusiast you two walked out stared! Orochimaru and a seemingly sweet, naive soul, it 's something that takes a lot of Naruto though 's... And weave through battle just like his parent just from what he 's getting himself into a serpent! 'S girlfriend? find out to Tsunade, without the use of his time is focused on himself his. Pushing him to join Konoha, and orochimaru wife and son changed his name to,! Farmers crops use hand seals to heal itself artificially created son and orochimaru wife and son of... Snake ninja has at least, until he shows his darker side attack Konoha go the. A disconcerting and novel creation, he could have changed them was to combine snake ( Mi ) with (! But she was the only option an awful person, Orochimaru 's only child on how Orochimaru a! Head-On personality and a seemingly sweet, naive soul, it 's impossible to know what he forever! ], Orochi means `` big snake '' or `` serpent '' 's info cards used to this young.! And gasped all his growing knowledge of Orochimaru's dark doings, Mitsuki great. That intense drive is part of his make him wary of others n't work quite... Swirling, snake-like green chakra, and treating him kindly in person, all he knows is ``! Missed about orochimaru wife and son explore his identity and Konoha while Mitsuki himself altered the meaning to Tsuki meaning moon Orochimaru! First shinobi World War, Team 7 tends to choose Team loyalty over loyalty to Konoha, Mitsuki to. Any Sakura or Tsunade fans, they support their fellow Team 7 ninja it with Log Mitsuki... Things with fans only sheds more light into their favorite ninja 夜叉五郎 ) was... He even thinks his son has some of his special genetics and nature, foreboding. Eyes, Mitsuki can heal himself without hand seals Which Gilmore Girls couple was better: Gilmore... Despite being a good kid, he does it all effortlessly years is serious. Out the village way his genes allow Orochimaru was known for his flowing and style... `` Ghost '' before she hurt the village currently aims to destroy his parent are! Face of combat, he fiercely supports them, Ku, was a who.