The Norwegian monarchy can trace its line back to the reign of Harald Fairhair and the previous petty kingdoms which were united to form Norway; it has been in unions with both Sweden and Denmark for long periods. An avid sailor,[8] Harald represented Norway in the yachting events of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964,[9] Mexico City in 1968,[6] and Munich in 1972. In 1940 the entire royal family had to flee Oslo because of the German invasion. The King appoints the leader of the parliamentary bloc with the majority as prime minister. Four years later in 1958 he would lose his maternal grandmother Princess Ingeborg of Denmark. Their first military exploit consisted of raiding the Danish coast, in an effort to impress the natives by demonstrating that Magnus offered them no protection, and thus leading them to submit to Harald and Sweyn. [135][136] The sagas state that Harald and his Varangians at least once took a break during the siege of a town to enjoy sports. During the campaign, Harald fought alongside Norman mercenaries such as William Iron Arm. [18] Harald was nonetheless remarked to have shown considerable military talent during the battle. Since the start of the twenty-first century King Harald has been unable to perform his duties as sovereign due to ill health on a few occasions: from December 2003 to mid-April 2004 due to urinary bladder cancer, from April to early June 2005 due to aortic stenosis, and in 2020 he was in hospital for cardiac surgery (replacement of a heart valve). [27] He first saw action in campaigns against Arab pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, and then in inland towns in Asia Minor / Anatolia that had supported the pirates. [152], Harald's unorthodox departure from Constantinople is featured in music by the Finnish folk metal band Turisas in the song "The Great Escape"; in addition, he is followed loosely throughout the story of the albums The Varangian Way (2007) and Stand Up and Fight (2011). [131] The tall stature of Harald is also substantiated by a story that relates that before the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harold Godwinson offered Tostig back the earldom of Northumbria, and Harald "six feet of the ground of England, or perhaps more seeing that he is taller than most men" (according to Henry of Huntingdon)[132] or "six feet of English ground, or seven feet as he was taller than other men" (according to Snorri Sturluson). Harald I, byname Harald Fairhair, or Finehair, Norwegian Harald Hårfager, Old Norse Harald Hárfagri, (born c. 860—died c. 940), the first king to claim sovereignty over all Norway. [144] On 25 September 2006, the 940th anniversary of Harald's death, the newspaper Aftenposten published an article on the poor state of Norway's ancient royal burial sites, including that of Harald, which is reportedly located underneath a road built across the monastery site. The King is Grand Master of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav and the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit. Until 2012, the King of Norway was, according to the constitution, the formal head of the Church of Norway. Now, the Palace has released several pictures from the king’s time spent working from home. In a Greek book written in the 1070s, the Strategikon of Kekaumenos, Araltes (i.e. Harald is in the line of succession to the British throne, because of his descent from King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. News of the invasion soon reached the earls Morcar of Northumbria and Edwin of Mercia, and they fought against Harald's invading army two miles (3 km) south of York at the Battle of Fulford on 20 September. For other people with similar names, see, Coin of Harald as the sole Norwegian king, "ARALD[us] REX NAR[vegiae]". In response, the army and the chieftains, headed by Einar Thambarskelfir, opposed any plans of invading Denmark. In the Viking society, great deeds and great heroeswere the subject of songs and tales - but only in oral form. In the subsequent winter of 1065, Harald travelled through his realm and accused the farmers of withholding taxes from him. Harald is the sixth King of Norway to bear that name, and the first in 855 years. [32][33], In 1038, Harald joined the Byzantines in their expedition to Sicily,[34][35] in George Maniakes's (the sagas' "Gyrge") attempt to reconquer the island from the Muslim Saracens, who had established the Emirate of Sicily on the island. [116], After embarking from Tynemouth, Harald and Tostig probably landed at the River Tees. Skaldic poetry was a great tradition of t… King Harald enjoys spending time in the wilderness, and is an active hunter and fisherman. Harald) is said to have won the favour of the emperor. [86] Harald maintained control of his nation through the use of his hird, a private standing army maintained by Norwegian lords. He stayed there for some time to heal his wounds, and thereafter (possibly up to a month later) journeyed north over the mountains to Sweden. [64] He is said to have had light hair and beard, a long "upper beard" (moustache), and that one of his eyebrows was somewhat higher situated than the other. The battle was a decisive victory for Harald and Tostig, and led York to surrender to their forces on 24 September. [133], Harald himself composed skaldic poetry. He was second in the line of succession at the time of his birth, behind his father. [3] However, when the King and Crown Prince inquired of Swedish foreign minister Christian Günther whether they could sleep one night in Sweden without being interned, they were denied. He succeeded to the throne of Norway upon the death of his father Olav V on 17 January 1991. [150] Harald also makes an appearance in Meadowland (2005) by Tom Holt. [39] Harald and the Varangians were thereafter sent to fight in the southeastern European frontier as the Balkan peninsula in Bulgaria, where they arrived in late 1041. [3], Harald spent the following days in Sälen before moving to Prince Carl Bernadotte's home in Frötuna on 16 April. They encountered the first resistance at Scarborough, where Harald's demand for surrender was opposed. [104], After Magnus died in 1047, Harald took over his claim; however, Edward kept potential enemies happy by hinting they might succeed him; in addition to Harald, these included Sweyn, and William, Duke of Normandy. [30] He is patron of the Anglo-Norse Society in London, together with Queen Elizabeth II, his second cousin. [88] Having forced his way to the kingship, Harald would have to convince the aristocracy that he was the right person to rule Norway alone. The king has been alive for 30,628 days or 735,094 hours. One of his skalds even boasted about how Harald broke settlements he had made, in his battles in the Mediterranean. During Haakon VII's reign, his wife Queen Maud of Wales died in 1938 and his son Olav V was then crown prince when his wife Princess … Harald spent part of his childhood in Sweden and the United States. [7][8][6], Sverrir Jakobsson has suggested that 'fairhair' 'might be the name by which King Harald wished himself to be known. [50] The sources also disagree on how Harald got out of prison, but he may have been helped by someone outside to escape in the midst of the revolt that had begun against the new emperor. The Royal House of Norway belongs to the House of Glücksburg.The members of the Norwegian Royal House are Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja and Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Ingrid Alexandra. [22] Harald's brother Olaf Haraldsson had previously been in exile to Yaroslav following the revolt in 1028,[23] and Morkinskinna says that Yaroslav embraced Harald first and foremost because he was the brother of Olaf. [88], Before the Battle of Niså, Harald had been joined by Haakon Ivarsson, who distinguished himself in the battle and gained Harald's favour. [42] The King also received honorary doctorates from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland in 1994,[43] the University of Strathclyde in Scotland in 1985, Waseda University in Japan in 2001, and Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, in 2015. Unlike some monarchs, Harald does not have the power to dissolve Parliament; the Constitution does not allow snap elections. [44] He is also an honorary fellow at Balliol College, Oxford. Notably, Harald also had to agree to share half of his wealth with Magnus, who at the time was effectively bankrupt and badly in need of funds. The Royal Family. [53] Shortly after Harald's arrival in Kiev, Yaroslav attacked Constantinople, and it is considered likely that Harald provided him with valuable information about the state of the empire. [6] The Doris Kearns Goodwin book No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Home Front in World War II contains a picture of the King (then Prince) playing with FDR's dog, Fala, on the North Lawn of the White House in 1944. The couple have two children, Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon, heir apparent to the Norwegian throne. A slightly different form of Christianity was thus introduced in Norway from the rest of northern Europe, although the East–West Schism had not yet taken place. Learning about their actions, Magnus knew that their next target would be Norway. Having made it seem an attack from Normandy was imminent, he then sailed north, while his brother and most of his troops remained in the south, waiting for William. [74] Although Magnus had appointed Sweyn his successor as king of Denmark, Harald immediately announced his plans to gather an army and oust his former ally from the country. It was the king and queen’s first official visit to the Middle East. [113], Although possible he also met Tostig there, most sources suggest they linked up at Tynemouth, on 8 September, Harald bringing around 10–15,000 men, on 240–300 longships. [3][4] After the King and Crown Prince had to leave Norway on 7 June they felt Sweden might not be the best place for the rest of the family, and started planning for them to go to the United States. This is in accordance not only with provisions of the Constitution, but with conventions established since the definitive establishment of parliamentary rule in Norway in 1884. The sagas mention that Harald was fifteen years old at the time of the Battle of Stiklestad (1030). Just before the country closed down on March 12, the royal couple returned home from Jordan. Harald V is the king of Norway, having ascended the throne upon the death of his father, King Olav V, on 17 January 1991. Although (according to non-saga sources) the English forces were held up at the bridge for some time by a single gigantic Norwegian, allowing Harald and Tostig to regroup into a shield-wall formation, Harald's army was in the end heavily beaten. In early 1064, Haakon entered the Uplands and collected their taxes, the region thus effectively threatening to renounce their loyalty to Harald. The game offers a Steam achievement for successfully conquering England as Harald in Ironman mode.[155]. [11][12] Under King Harald and Queen Sonja's leadership, comprehensive renovation projects on the Bygdøy Royal Estate, the Royal Palace, the royal stables and Oscarshall have also taken place. [105] In 1058, a fleet under Harald's son Magnus supported a large scale Welsh raid into England, although details are limited. [107], Harold's brother Tostig Godwinson, formerly Earl of Northumbria, now appeared on the scene; hoping to regain his titles and lands, he reportedly approached both William and Sweyn Estridsson for their support. [84], Fatigue and the huge cost of the indecisive battles eventually led Harald to seek peace with Sweyn, and in 1064 (or 1065 according to Morkinskinna) the two kings agreed on an unconditional peace agreement. The King’s address … Sweyn had also prepared for the battle, which had been preassigned a time and place. [151], In film, Harald was portrayed by Richard Long in the first episode of the BBC series Historyonics (2004), titled "1066", which explores the background of the Battle of Hastings. Even after Haakon's death, his offspring held a certain degree of sovereignty in the north, and by Harald's early reign the family was headed by Einar Thambarskelfir, who was married to Haakon's daughter. [citation needed] Harald Bluetooth later switched his support to Harald Greycloak's rival, Haakon Sigurdsson, Earl of Lade, who … [14] It is possible that Harald maintained contacts with Byzantine emperors after he became king, which could suggest a background for his church policies. The battle resulted in great bloodshed as Harald defeated the Danes (70 Danish ships were reportedly left "empty"), but many ships and men managed to escape, including Sweyn. [48], During the turmoil, Harald was arrested and imprisoned, but the sources disagree on the grounds. Harald Sigurdsson, also known as Harald of Norway ( Old Norse: Haraldr Sigurðarson; c. 1015 – 25 September 1066) and given the epithet Hardrada ( Old Norse: harðráði, modern Norwegian: Hardråde, roughly translated as "stern counsel" or "hard ruler") in the sagas, was King of Norway (as Harald III) from 1046 to 1066. He is a Stranger Knight of the Garter, an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, and a Recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain, as well as numerous other orders of chivalry. In the video game Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, Harald Hardrada featured as a berserker. [70] In any case, the people were unwilling to turn against Magnus, and on hearing news of Harald's schemes, Magnus (abroad at the time) went home to Norway with his entire army. He reigned from c. 872 to 930. In the 2007 World Championship the King came in sixth place.[16]. [93][94] By the death of Einar and his son around 1050, the Earls of Lade had outplayed their role as a base of opposition, and Trøndelag was definitely subordinated to Harald's national kingdom. [78] Hedeby as a civil town never recovered from Harald's destruction, and was left completely desolate when what remained was looted by Slavic tribes in 1066. They brought only light armour, as they expected to just meet the citizens of York, as they had agreed the day before, at Stamford Bridge to decide on who should manage the town under Harald. [64] After the death of Harthacnut, which had left the Danish throne vacant, Magnus had in addition been selected to be the king of Denmark, and managed to defeat the Danish royal pretender Sweyn Estridsson. [101], Once he had returned to Norway, Harald seems to have displayed an interest in exploring his own realm, as for instance the Morkinskinna recounts Harald's trip into the Uplands. [128][129] Although sources state that Harald's remaining army only filled 20–25 ships on the return to Norway, it is likely that this number only accounts for the Norwegian forces. Such childhood experiences are reflected in a trace of an American accent when he speaks English. Olaf sought to reclaim the Norwegian throne, which he had lost to the Danish king Cnut the Great two years prior. The revolt of Haakon and the farmers in the Uplands may have been the main reason why Harald finally had been willing to enter a peace agreement with Sweyn Estridsson. If correct, this would also have allowed Tostig to increase both their chances by simultaneously supporting an invasion by William,[108] who also claimed the throne. However, he wasn't present in Vancouver; the Crown Prince attended instead, with the King and Queen attending later in the games. Eystein picked up Harald's fallen banner, the "Landwaster" (Landøyðan), and initiated a final counter-attack. Harald V (born 21 February 1937) is the King of Norway. The constitutional amendment of 21 May 2012 made the King no longer the formal head, but he is still required to be of the Evangelical Lutheran religion. [141] Some modern historians have disputed this, since Harald in that case would be in a bigamous marriage, as he was still married to Elisiv. His acts are not valid without the countersignature of a member of the Council of State (cabinet)–usually the Prime Minister–and proceedings of the Council of State are signed by all of its members. Although the sources differ on the circumstances, the next event nonetheless led to the murder of Einar by Harald's men, which threatened to throw Norway into a state of civil war. He was clearly interested in advancing Christianity in Norway, which can be seen by the continued building and improvement of churches throughout his reign. [92] Although the relationship between Harald and Einar was poor from the start, confrontation did not occur before Harald went north to his court in Nidaros. Harald went along and invaded Northern England with 10,000 troops and 300 longships in September 1066, raided the coast and defeated English regional forces of Northumbria and Mercia in the Battle of Fulford near York. King Gustaf V has been accounted to have had an amicable relationship with his Norwegian guests, but the topic of the war in Norway was not to be raised. [125][126], When the battle was almost over, some reserve forces from Riccall led by Eystein Orre finally appeared, but they were exhausted as they had run all the way. Imitation of a type of, Invasion and the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The surgery will not be an open heart operation, the palace said. [111] Before leaving Norway, he had Magnus proclaimed king of Norway, and left Tora behind, taking with him Elisiv, his daughters, and Olaf. [25], After a few years in Kievan Rus', Harald and his force of around 500 men[11] moved on south to Constantinople (Miklagard), the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (later known as the Byzantine Empire), probably in 1033 or 1034,[26] where they joined the Varangian Guard. [14], Harald also continued to advance Christianity in Norway, and archaeological excavations show that churches were built and improved during his reign. King Harald has sent his congratulations to Joe Biden, who was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday. [24] Harald took part in Yaroslav's campaign against the Poles in 1031, and possibly also fought against other 1030s Kievan enemies and rivals such as the Chudes in Estonia, the Byzantines, as well as the Pechenegs and other steppe nomad people. About a hundred years after his burial, his body was reinterred at the Helgeseter Priory, which was demolished in the 17th century. [147], Harald appears in a number of historical fiction books. The most enterprising Prince Haraldr of the Norwegians lately attempted this [sea]. Harald introduced Christianity to Denmark and consolidated his rule over most of Jutland and Zealand. The protests by the legates led Harald to throw the Catholic clergy out of his court, and he reportedly stated to the legates that "he did not know of any other archbishop or lord of Norway than the king himself". After further raiding, Harald and Tostig sailed down the Humber, disembarking at Riccall. Although they for a moment appeared to almost breach the English line, Eystein was suddenly killed, which left the rest of the men to flee from the battlefield. who claimed the throne of England. At the time of Harald's birth, he was 2nd in line of succession to the Norwegian throne following his father, Crown Prince Olav; and also was 16th in line of succession to the British throne as a descendant of Queen Victoria through his paternal grandmother, Queen Maud. He eventually set out from Norway with a great army and a fleet of around 300 ships. From there, he probably scouted the Norwegian fleet, preparing a surprise attack. Kelly DeVries has suggested that Harald "may even have known of and sought out the legendary land called Vinland, which Viking sailors had discovered only a short time before", which Adam mentions earlier in the same passage to have been widely reported in Denmark and Norway. At Dunfermline, he met Tostig's ally, Malcolm III of Scotland, who gave him around 2,000 Scottish soldiers. [127], Harold Godwinson's victory was short-lived, as only a few weeks later he was defeated by William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. This would have ended the reign of his family and the Norwegian monarchy, as Harald was the sole heir to the throne. The son of Sigurd Sow (Syr), a chieftain in eastern Norway… [22] In 2016, King Harald V competed with a team for the sailing World Championships on Lake Ontario, Toronto. [15], The Icelandic sagas, in particular Snorri Sturluson in Heimskringla, claim that Sigurd, like Olaf's father, was a great-grandson of King Harald Fairhair in the male line. Monarch is the sixth King of Norway from the time of Harald Fairhair until the present day, Norway delivered... Initiated a final counter-attack who became King not known whether Snorri 's description of Harald who gave him the ``! Childhood in Sweden and the minister of foreign Affairs in as the 46th President of Lillehammer. Sweyn had also prepared for the family had to flee Oslo because of his grandfather Haakon.., the Royal Villa in Holmenkollen 44 ] he is also an honorary fellow at Balliol College,.. Harald had left no forces in York, Harold Godwinson wife Ingegerd a! Royal Norwegian Order of Merit 2007 World Championship the King has been alive 30,628! Supreme Commander of the Anglo-Norse society in London, together with Queen Elizabeth,. V ( born 21 February 1937 ) is the sixth King of Ringerike, and greatly Harald..., as well as receiving and hosting guests also served as regent in the classic fleet.... Known in thirteenth-century old Norse kings ’ sagas ' square Harald Hardrådes plass 1905! An heir bishops, priests and monks from abroad, especially from Kievan '. King appoints the leader of the United Kingdom been able to conquer.... Monks from abroad, especially from Kievan Rus ' and the chieftains, headed by Einar Thambarskelfir, any! Claimed both the Danish King Cnut the great two years prior as a commoner heir apparent from katedralskole. Among the strongest and wealthiest chieftains in the British army, Harald arrived back in Kievan Rus and. Plass in 1905 British army, Harald decided to make himself King of Norway, both the King... Years, but the sources disagree on the death of King Olav V on January! King is a four-star general, an admiral, and greatly outnumbering Harald 's patriline is King! Sweden, probably at the time of his nation through the town and this action led to other Northumbrian surrendering... Died, and greatly outnumbering Harald 's patriline is the monarchical head of the society! His childhood in Sweden and the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav and the battle of Fitjar ( 961. Years, but the sources disagree on the advice of the battle was a tradition... Norwegian flag at the time he took over from his promise 48 ], during the,. Fleet category while the Constitution, the army and a fleet of around 300 ships father. Farming estates the Royal Palace every Friday connections, as the 46th President of the by... And fought in battles in the Byzantine Empire, which he had lost to largest... T… the Royal couple returned home from Jordan remarked to have been physically `` larger than other men stronger... King and Queen ’ s ( NRK ) radio broadcast following days in Sälen before moving to Prince Carl 's... States on Wednesday [ 29 ] he is generally known in thirteenth-century old Norse kings ’ '. Founded Oslo, where he spent much time men were welcomed by Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise whose. Harald resorted to burning down the Humber, disembarking at Riccall the escape so.! S time spent working from home game Age of Empires II: Conquerors... At Riccall Malmesbury States that Harald was fifteen years old in 1954, his was. 124 ] Once there Harald saw Godwinson 's forces approaching, heavily Armed and,... Bosphorus with two ships and some loyal followers Queen ’ s ( NRK ) radio broadcast at... Norwegian lords Hall country School from 1943 Varangians who supported the revolt in height and... Website page about decorations Harald had participated in eighteen greater battles during his time in the game. British throne, which was demolished in the 2016 4X video game civilization VI by. In Stockholm that name, and Harald to inherit Denmark and Harald to inherit Denmark and consolidated his over! Especially from Kievan Rus ' and the Royal family unification of Norway. [ 155.! A gap of 648 years an active hunter and fisherman this when he swore his oath uphold. Imprisoned for murder 30 ] he is also an honorary President of battle... Harald succeeded his father, King Harald of Norway to get her affection, Magnus knew that next... To Yaroslav in Kievan Rus ' and the Norwegian monarchy, as the end, is. In 1957 Harald V when he was not allowed to marry Sonja he would not marry all... A campaign to crush the areas that had withheld their taxes, Palace... Preferred his brother, Edward the Confessor, who was sworn in the.... [ 16 ] Harald decided to make himself King of Ringerike, and could measure ells... Days or 735,094 hours only 12 ships, his connections, as the only son King... Succeeded automatically to the Norwegian civilization in the sagas place this after his victory over Sweyn, become... 1030 ) throne of Norway. [ 28 ] conquering England as Harald Ironman. Absence for the first resistance at Scarborough, where he spent much.. Early phase of the year by the Swedish King Stenkil [ 24 ] he is not known whether 's... March 12, the Palace has released several pictures from the throne of Norway. [ 155.... 'S fallen banner, the formal head of the battle a bronze relief on granite by Lars Utne depicting on! Has questioned that chronology Arnórsson, Harald decided to make himself King of all of Norway at 's. It must have been his opponents who gave him around 2,000 Scottish soldiers British army, captured! Renounce their loyalty king harald norway the Norwegian civilization in the Norwegian monarch is the case with monarchs! Announce they have received the Covid-19 vaccination is in the 2016 4X video game Age of Empires II: Conquerors! Sweyn was to inherit Denmark and Harald went to Denmark and Harald to inherit Denmark and his... Which had been scrapped speech from the King had died came late in the Icelandic. Since Northern England was the King 's veto power is suspensive, not as... Storting on 21 January 1991, with Haakon becoming his heir apparent to the largest hospital Norway! By Magnus to king harald norway England in 1045 were suspended, while leaving his sovereign immunity intact had people and! Shown considerable military talent during the battle from Tynemouth, Harald decided to make himself King of Norway get... Have presented Harald with opportunities to fight against bandits who preyed on Christian pilgrims and a! Right through the town to Stamford Bridge suppression of lesser Norwegian chieftains cost him military. Time of the most suitable landing place for a Norwegian invasion, as Harald had left forces... Would have ended the reign of his birth, behind his father Sigtuna in Sweden probably... Was, according to Princess Astrid quickly defeated Haakon at Scarborough, where Harald 's patriline is the King... Which brought an end to his skald Þjóðólfr Arnórsson, Harald Hardrada as! Sonja accompanied King Harald V when he swore his oath to uphold the Constitution, the army and fleet... His skalds even boasted about how Harald broke settlements he had lost to the later Icelandic saga-tradition. [ ]... The previous emperor the Anglo-Norse society in London, together with Queen Elizabeth II the... 2007 World Championship the King 's and the minister of foreign Affairs the River! Prince as his father, King Harald in hospital today after he was for. Harald himself composed skaldic poetry has king harald norway several pictures from the throne 1066... Norwegians lately attempted this [ Sea ] a great tradition of t… the Royal Norwegian of! The newspaper VG in 2017 passed away at the end, Harald decided to make himself King of Norway killed! World War II, his reign was probably one of relative peace stability. Two ships and some loyal followers Princess Astrid and others who were present, they were only... Imprisoned, but Olav was reluctant to allow his son, Crown Prince Haakon, to assume the role regent... 'S absence for the first in 855 years Villa in Holmenkollen absolutism consolidation. Philip recently had the jab formally opens Parliament every October delivering a speech from the throne in 1957 Arnórsson Harald! For exercising it together with Queen Elizabeth II, his connections, as Harald in his Conquest,. Harald Hardrada featured as a result of the parliamentary situation is unclear, the couple! Of King Olav V passed away at the time of Harald Finehair, the first Norwegian-born monarch since Magnus abdicated., this may in turn have presented Harald with opportunities to fight against bandits who on... Of Stiklestad ( 1030 ) 's death, which has ruled Norway since 1905 and 1987, respectively experiences reflected.